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As a manufacturer of products that demand the highest level of performance for use with Special Forces, Militaries, and Police units globally; F.A.B. has unfortunately been targeted with an increasing number of counterfeit products.


All F.A.B. products are designed, molded/machined, and built in Israel. The engineering, materials, and quality standards are never compromised as professionals around the world depend on our products to perform in the harshest conditions.


What we frequently come across is counterfeit product coming out of Asia at a significantly discounted retail price. We frequently purchase these products and attempt to stop the business but it’s obviously very difficult to track them all. The products can look identical and be in identical packaging. Unfortunately, the product is likely made of inferior materials and lacks the internal structure that ultimately supports the products. Quality, functionality, and workmanship are most of the time poor at best once you open the packaging. Authentic F.A.B. products also carry a LIFETIME WARRANTY. Unfortunately, we’ve had products returned to us as a warranty claim and have found them to be counterfeit. We won’t replace a counterfeit product.


Our recommendation is simple. Purchase F.A.B. products from reputable dealers/internet sellers. If the price is too good to be true, be suspicious. If you have questions as to the authenticity of an item, contact the seller directly. If you don’t get the answer you were looking for, contact us. We are more than happy to confirm if the retailer you are looking at is an authorized F.A.B. retailer.


For more information on counterfeit goods sold into the USA, visit the US Dept Of Homeland Security website for information:



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